The SmartHomes ‘journey’

The information on this page was supplied to us by SmartHomes

Step 1 – Assessment and Survey Home Visit

You will be contacted by an approved assessor and installer who will:

  • carry out the Green Deal Assessment visit,
  • find energy saving measures for your home,
  • find out if you want Green Deal Finance,
  • quote to give you details and prices for the work you want and
  • send you the Green Deal Assessment report and Quote report.

This visit costs you £50 and this money is paid to the installer. The installer may visit at a later time to quote for the work and this visit will take place no more than 10 days later.

 Step 2 – Smart Advisor

You will be contacted by the independent Smart Advisor, who will

  • review the chosen energy saving measures to get the Smart Homes grant,
  • check the installer’s quote of works and costings, approve your grant application on behalf of the council,
  • visit the property in the case of solid wall insulation works and
  • issue a Final Report for your Smart Homes Grant application.

Step 3 – Your decision to go ahead

Once you have the reports you need to decide:

  • Are you satisfied with the details and prices for the work?
  • Do you want to pay your financial contribution through Green Deal Finance, through your electricity meter (including pre-payment meters) or not?
  • Do you still have questions for the Smart Homes Advice Line?

If you have not chosen Green Deal Finance, you will need to pay your contribution before the installer makes arrangements to carry out the work.

Step 4 – Green Deal insulation work on your home

Your installer will make the arrangements to carry out the work, which can include:

  • arranging for planning permissions and any other legal permissions,
  • notifications to Building Control,
  • arranging the contract for insulation work,
  • arranging the grant agreement,
  • arranging the Green Deal Finance,
  • arranging suitable dates with you to start and finish the work in your home and
  • giving you a Certificate of Conformity to confirm the work has been done properly.


How long does the process take?

  • Within 2 days of contacting SmartHomes you will be contacted and offered an appointment less than 5 days away.
  • Your Green Deal Assessment report will be sent to you within 2 days of the visit.
  • Your quote will be issued within three days of you confirming the work you want.


  • Within 2 days of you receiving your quote the Smart Advisor will get in touch to offer you an appointment within 5 days.
  • The report will be issued within 5 days of the home visit.
  •  An (optional) Green Deal finance plan will be issued within 5 days or we shall explain why there are special delays.

please count the day you register with the advice line as day zero. Do not count Saturdays, Sundays or Bank Holidays.